La Vie Claire Team Jersey


Definitely 80s, but even today this jersey could rock it in the peleton. If the goal of team colors is to stand out from the moving rainbow that is the peleton, then this one achieves it. Probably one of the most memorable jerseys ever designed. Based on Piet Mondrians “Composition A” painting, the jersey was designed by Benetton, the French clothing label. There is a great quote from Bernard Hinault (which makes me wonder about Cervelo’s kit today),The first idea was an all-black strip like the New Zealand rugby union team. We discarded it because we’d have baked under the hot sun of the Tour de France. Then she came up with the idea of a jersey like a Mondrian picture, bright colours like yellow and red in a geometric pattern of differently sized rectangles. This was something of a revolution, which was just what we wanted. It was a symbol of our intention to stand out from the other teams and to brighten up the peloton”. I am surprised though that a French team and designer went to a Dutch artist for inspiration, considering the legacy of French art and design, and the competitiveness between French and Dutch teams.

You can buy a beautiful replica of the jersey made by Santini at Prendas

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