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Had the pleasure of attending a meeting this afternoon at the Monitor Group on Broadway down by Wall Street. Their offices are up on the 50th floor, so the views are pretty amazing. This was assisted by the thunder storm that was rolling in over Jersey (below). Very hard keeping your train of thought and present when you are looking out at this. The irony is that in most of the offices they have to keep the blinds down because of the heat from the direct sunlight.


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  1. Nice photos and an interesting blog. I work at Monitor in Cambridge MA and sometimes work from NYC. One day I am planning to bring my bike so I can cycle around NYC. I am a hardcore urban rider (20 miles a day on weekdays, 100 mile rides on weekends) and ride no matter what the weather. I am glad we have good showers at Monitor Cambridge!

    Steven Forth
  2. Hey Steven – you have some great rides around Cambridge. Let me know if you get down to NYC and we will introduce you to the Prospect Park peleton and Stumptown coffee.


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