Garmin 405 Test


I got the Garmin 405 a few weeks back and have been testing it out before we head off to France. Initial tests show it to have been a great purchase. Out of the box it was really easy to set up, as was linking it to your free account on Garmin Connect. The watch comes with a USB antenna for your computer, so it is just plug and play. Starting out on a ride you just hit and hold the training button and it will pick up satelites in about a minute, hit start and you can roll off. The only complaint that I have is that is is obviously designed for a runner. The touch bevel for controling the unit is very sensitive, so when you get you wrist into a tuck position or a reverse bend when climbing, it can activate. All that I can tell has happened is it switches to pace and back. So if you can put up with the odd “beep” – there is no probems with the data. On getting back home the antenna automatically senses the device, pulls the data and uploads it to Garmin Connect. It does pull speed and averages, but the good stuff is in the mapping (overlayed onto Google Maps) and the elevation info. It also gives you the options to export the data to use and edit in other programs. All in all this is a pretty good kit addition to get you mapping and elevation. Now all I have to do is figure out how I went to 200ft below sea level for 5 mins.

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