The Beautiful Baum Frames


These might be some of the most beautiful frames we have ever set eyes on. The craftsmanship, paint and decals are stunning in their simplicity. Darren Baum the owner, originally trained as an aircraft engineer, which is where he probably picked up his CAD skills. The Titanium Corretto frames are custom designed to the individual customers specifications. Every tube in the frame is individually sized and butted to the customer, and areas of low stress are individually milled to make the tubes thinner, and hence lighter. This requires a lot of hands-on craftsmanship which is the reason for the fat price tag (we looked around and the last prices we could find were around $6500 US for the Corretto frame, fork and headset). The paint jobs look immaculate and are all handled in-house. With custom paint jobs all the decals are airbrushed on, with one additional nice touch of airbrushing your name on the top tube. That is so Pro. There is a lesson to a lot of frame makers here in the simplicity of the paint. Not over done, simple decal, and just enough of the frame material left exposed. Feels very confident. Expensive, but man you will stand out in the crowd on this one. A bike for life. Baum Frames



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  2. We do the “People we like” which are brand/Sites/or people that are talking and sharing the same passion we have for bike culture and design. Happy to share. What you up to?


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