Guu-Watanabe Custom Bags


This company has turned the functional Pannier into an object of beauty, consideration and design. The attention to detail and use is incredible. Guu-Watanabe are based in Kichijoji, Japan, and make all of their bags to order. Each line is set as a limited edition of 999 pieces, each customer order being numbered. They use locally weaved grade six cotton which is treated to be water repellent and take about three weeks to make. If you are interesting getting some Wallbike stock them here in the US. The other thing that becomes pretty apparent on reading their site is the shear love and dedication they have for doing this. Check out their photostream where they have put these on a Pinner and a Willier. Very cute. Love these guys


Categories: Classic / Design

  1. that’s my bike!

  2. Nice ride man! Is that shot up at the Alpine Reservoir in Marin? I was there at the end of the summer last year – great ride. How are the bags holding out?


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