Rafael Bikes / Germany


Rafael are a very interesting company based in Heidelberg, Germany. They seem to have built a very good relationship with the Formula 1 racing industry, allowing them access to very high-end carbon fiber material and molding machines. Working with these very flexible molds allows them to do create bespoke custom carbon frames for their customers. Their philosophy is “Sensible, Reduced, Usable”. These frames may look futuristic, but they are built to ride. Their R-oo8 road frame comes in two colors, raw carbon and Rafael white. It looks fast. Features include an integrated seat post (which also includes a very interesting removable post design) and two types of  integrated cable systems.  The frames are super minimal and demonstrate a fantastic understanding of aerodynamics. (Photos from the Rafael site). I would love to see what they do with a climbing frame.

Rafael Bikes

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  1. love your bikes especially the track bike
    I am the director of the Kissena velodrome

    john campo

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