Ventoux Decider


It doesn’t look like much from down in the village of Bedoin. Honestly. There are no snowy peaks or winding hairpins. It just looks like a big rolling hill with a tower on top. But believe me, what looks like Ventoux flicking you the bird and saying come and try if you think you are hard enough, is a stance it can carry off. Tomorrow the tour will enter the corner below and in the 22km it takes to get to the top a lot is going to be decided that couldn’t be sorted in the previous three weeks of riding. We hope Wiggo is inspired and can get on the podium, on the mountain where Tommy died. That maybe “Monkeydor” will bonk and Andy Schleck will slip into yellow. I even wouldn’t mind Kloden slipping into third as a rider who seems to have found his form again and why he rides his bike. More than anything I would love to see someone like VDV or Cadel win the stage just to say “next year guys, next year”. I will be up at 6.30. This might be the best days cycling you will ever see.


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