Retrovelo Bikes, Germany


“A return to the true values not represented by the ever-present “retro” hype”.  Unique bikes and a philosophy to back them up from Liepzig, Germany. The Retrovelo designs pull influences from the many strains of riding including mountain bike, BMX and cruisers. They customize as much as possible in their own workshop, from frames to parts to paint, and pride themselves in small-batch, niche production. They are built to outlive all of us and use steel as the material to deliver on it. My favorite is their Classic series Paul, a bike built for cruising the countryside and taking it all in. Purposely angled to make you sit upright and slow down. Also with their Fat Frank tire design I can’t imagine you would actually feel any of the terrain you ride over. A beautiful accessory is their modified Swiss Military Frame Bag, adopted for the modern day, it can carry a laptop and notebook. They might be three times the weight of my Cervelo, but they would survive in the streets of Brooklyn and New York a lot longer than me or Carbon. They make you want to forget about the lycra and SRMs, throw on a pair of shorts and go crusing around the country lanes.  Retrovelo Bikes


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  1. Color schemes aren’t doing it for me, but the frames look really nice. The chainguards are especially pretty.


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