The New 2010 Trek Madone


Just spent some time on the Trek site looking at the new 2010 Trek Madone. I used Project One to kit it out in the El Cyclista colors of black, silver and turquoise. There are some pretty unique features built into the new package. They have an integrated computer sensor built into the frame that measures speed, distance, and cadence, and works with all the major players who use ANT+ wireless technology: Bontrager, Garmin, PowerTap, Cateye, SRM…pretty sweet. Rethinking the shaping of the tubes for better stiffness has also given the fame a 100 grams lighter weight (they also lost another 30 gram on the new seatpost design). One interesting feature is the increased width of the bottom bracket to 90mm (over a traditional 65mm) which is claimed to give better power transfer when climbing and accelerating (I have pictures of Contador in my head…). All in all it seems like a pretty plush ride, although I do wish they would open up the component selection of the finishing kit to allow for a little bit more personalization. I would expect that for the above finished price tag of $11,300.

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