Elcyclista kit designed and ready to go


It has been a while in the oven, but the design is ready to send to production. We just have to finalize the numbers and we will place the order this week. The Pink: A homage to Italy and our favorite rider Fausto Coppi. Black on the bottom of the jersey for the east coast weather conditions we get for pretty much two thirds of the year, which encourages spray, lots of spray. White jersey top: To reflect the sun from the other third of the year (or in the case of 2009, August). If anybody wants a set let us know – we are going to give some sets away for some “free advertising”.

Categories: Design / Kit

  1. I’d totally wear that!! Looks stellar, great job! Can I “advertise for free”?

  2. Nice riding today, let’s do that again more often…I’ll wear that next time we ride together if they are ready.

  3. Don’t let that pink put you off. Fausto Coppi made a career out of wearing it.

  4. looks great! I like the pink & black. If you have an extra I’d be happy to boost your Colorado market!

  5. I see you are doing cross! We will have to get you a skin suit – very Euro

  6. Hi,
    Do you remember we met between Agay and Cannes with Rodolphe (Everson Bikes) ?
    If you want to make some advertising in South of France… I promiss to go up the Ventoux with it!
    Best regards.

  7. Hey Philippe – drop us an email at eurobiker@gmail.com and let us know how you are.


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