The Bamboo Bike Studio

The Bamboo Bike Studio in Red Hook, Brooklyn seems to have been blogged about a lot already, and has even made the mainstream press and TV – but it is such a great and worthy idea it deserves to get mentioned over and over again. Using alternative materials in bike construction has been around for and gets more and more interesting as industrial designers push the stress tests on the various materials. Bamboo is known for its durability and renewability, which makes it the perfect material for this type of construction and use. What really appeals to me about the studio is that you get to make your own bike – meaning you get the basic principles of frame construction over a weekend. Start on Saturday, and ride out on sunday. The weekend is not cheap – but considering the money goes back into the program, part of which helps create the capital to take the idea to developing countries, makes the price tag much more acceptable. I would love a cleaner way to make the lugs other than what looks like electrical tape. Maybe string would be nice like the handles on old cricket bats.


Categories: Design / Rides

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