The Fusion Jacket by Gore


The winter is a coming! As my friend Thomas pointed out on today’s ride, in the Catskills that could be 6″ of snow in mid-October. I heard a quote once from some old-school, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year rider saying, “There is no such thing as inclement weather, just inappropriate attire.” This jacket should see you through. This year’s version (’09) should be hitting the US around the end of September just in time for the wet and mushy season. This is an expensive jacket (will probably retail for around $350-$400), but it is a feature-laden, bomb-proof shell. It mixes three layers of the tried and tested GORE-TEX fabrics in a very slim-fitting design. Every seam is laser sealed, which for most cyclists would mean “OVERHEATING!” – but the GORE-TEX fabrics are known to be incredibly breathable, and that coupled with ventilation slits under the sleeves and another vent on the back will ensure temperature regulation. The rest of the features have all come with rider input, Zig tags for easy opening, pre-shaped elbows, a fold-away shirt tail and an adjustable hem. The printed stripes on the front are reflective and the jacket also has a stowaway hood that fits under your helmet. Although it would have to be seriously tipping down to actually do that. Put the hood under your helmet. I mean really. Appearances and all…. The nice thing about the jacket is that it looks like something you might also wear off the bike. Which would be nice for a change.


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