The New Garmin Edge 500

The new Garmin Edge 500 moves Garmin away from maps on your bar top, to a high-end GPS enabled bike computer. The form is a much smaller and sleeker design (although I am not sure about the durability of a white and blue computer) that has the now tried and tested ANT+ technology allowing you to wirelessly connect to your Power Meter of choice. No info on the materials but the blue back seems to be rubberized which would be a nice feature. Other added features over their other devices include a thermometer and a very smart “you are moving and your computer isn’t on!” alarm. How many rides data has been spoiled by not hitting start again after the coffee shop? It also has a longer battery life than the 705, and saves nearly 2 ounces. It is estimated to hit the market in December this year and retail for around $250. Photo courtesy of Garmin.

Categories: Design / Kit

  1. Ugh… to run this means I have to ditch my two wired PowerTaps and upgrade to their wireless ANT+ compatible ones.

  2. Guess this means I have a GPS hand-me-down to look forward to! ;)


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