Alpine Dam Loop, San Francisco








This is one of the nicest rides I have ever done. The loop is just over 60 miles (72 from my hotel) taking you out through Sausalito and Fairfax, then up to Alpine Dam. By the time you get to the end of the loop you will have done about 3500 feet of climbing, peaking out at about 2000ft. I fell in with some riders from the Mission racing team that got me to the approach of the climb. It is a pretty steady even climb for about 7 miles in nicely shaded quite roads. Nothing too steep. The view into the valley is amazing as you crest the top, and you then have a few miles of downhill that levels out for a little as you ride over the top of the dam. Then it is back up again for 5 or 6 miles to the ridge that runs along Mount Tam State Park. You go from massive Red Wood’s to the rolling grass hills of Mt Tam Park. Unfortunately there was some low cloud clover so no views of the Pacific below. You come out of the Park by the Ranger Station and some pretty fancy houses, and drop back down on Panoramic Drive to Mill Valley. I checked out the Above Category bike shop in Mill Valley which leaves you wanting 3 new bikes. They had one of the new BMCs built up which the owner was riding and a to die for Parlee with my Edge Comps on. Great shop, and we had a good chat about the West V East bike scene and their plans for extending the shop. Riders are spoiled out here. Having this ride and bike shop on your door step, and all year round riding weather you should all be pro’s by now!


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  1. Awwww….wish I could have been there. Although not sure if I could have hung on! (P.S. I like the Vaseline-on-the-lens effect. Is that Photoshop, SF fog, or sweaty fingers?)

  2. Jealous. This ride makes the River Road/9W route look pathetic.

  3. Great pics of a great ride! Let us know when you come back out this way for another ride!

    Mission Cycling

  4. Will do. Yeah thx to you guys I found the loop before you bailed at the coffee shop at the bottom of the climb :) Insider Knowledge


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