The MetriGear Power Meter


Every so often a product comes along that changes an industry, or in this case a sport. The MetriGear Power Meter when it hits the market in Q1 2010 could well be the ipod for the bike industry. If this thing works like they say, then everything else won’t matter. Every other brand will spend the rest of their days trying to copy it, just like the ipod or the iphone. What we know from Interbike. They have been working on this for 5 years and already have working prototypes. It will be priced around $1000, compared to $3500 for a wireless SRM. It is swappable between bikes, by just swapping your pedals. It weighs in at 219g for the complete package, compared to 919g for the SRM. It can measure the power output from both legs with 38 points a second, compared to a combined single measurement on the SRM. It is being developed with the now established ANT+ wireless platform to work with a selection of head units. They haven’t settled on how to translate the data to the head unit, but they have it working by ANT+ to a fob housed in a water bottle for field testing – I love this shit! The measurement technology fits inside the axel of your pedal, which means that today it can really only be used on Speedplay pedals (lucky old Speedplay). If you aren’t following their progress you need to be, they are posting test ride data to their blog. This is going to be good to watch!



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