Elcyclista Kit Is In!



It is a momentous day here at Elcyclista, today was the first road test of our new kit. A lovely dark 7am start with Chad from Endurance Werx in CP wasn’t really how I was envisioning rolling it out. I was thinking more like maybe along the Cornice outside Nice on the Cote D’Azur on a warm summers morning, but you take what you get. At least it stayed dry. A really nice job from Champion Systems (thanks to Brian Breech for pushing it through), although I may need butt balm with that Chamois. This is a first and limited run which are being given to Elcyclista followers so they can become pedal-powered billboards for us. We have a few sets left, so let us know if you are willing to let us pimp you out and become moving advertising. One clause, we will expect pictures, in kit, from bunch rides and exotic locals. Leave a comment and let us know.






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  1. hey! come on, what are these black long “armstrong like” socks?
    the rest looks good!

  2. The Kit looks great but like Stefan said, long socks not so much. How do I get a Kit?

  3. Winter only guys. We will keep doing editions. White for the summer.

  4. my mail went into your spam folder?

  5. Hell no! Just because you don’t like our socks?

  6. Hey, just discovered the site via whit yost and love it. I’d be happy to advertise for you down in DC.

    j maurice
  7. Hey J – Thx for the feedback. We are putting a second order for kit in. We had more support than we thought we would get – which is always good :) The new kit should be with us in January just in time for the new season. We will put you on the list. Thx for the support.

  8. If you need someone to be the color guard down here in sunny Miami, then you’ve got your rider!

    C Vega
  9. G’day from Australia, I love the new kit and would love to show it off on a bunch ride sometime soon. Can you tell me how I can buy one. Also a sizing chart would be helpful. i look forward to hearing from you soon. Regards

  10. Hey Olli – our first run was short to see how it would take, and it went really well, to the point we are clean out. But we are setting the second run with Capo Forma and should be getting them in end of January/Feb. I will let you know when we have them. Have a great new year and enjoy the Tour Down Under and the Nationals. We will be watching from frozen Brooklyn.

  11. G’day again from down under, How good was our tour??? good crowds, great venue and great racing. Watch out TDF the Aussies are coming. I was wondering if there was any update on the arrival of your new kit. Can’t wait to get hold of it. I was reading earlier posts about it, am I right in saying you were giving some kits away to get it out there?? If this is still the case I reckon down under would be a good place to start. Hope to hear from you soon, hope you have thawed after all the weather you guys have had. Cheers

  12. We had coverage here and it was nice to see you all out in the sun :) as we suffered riding in 35 degrees. It was a great race this year, and nice to see Cadel make a race of it. Kits are coming along. Capo Forma has the artwork and is setting it up this week. We are finalizing numbers and hence pricing ( we will sell them at cost) – so they should be along in a matter of weeks. I will post when we have them in and drop you an email so you get a heads-up.


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