Six Day Racing: A Beautiful Thing

Man I miss Europe! I so wish we had this here. Watch this film and be amazed at the life of these Pro’s. What is missing hereĀ  is “smellivision”. Beer, smoke (before the bans), sweat and embrocation. All topped off with ear splitting noise during the finals. Shot in 2009 by Rob Hodselmans.

Categories: Classic / Riders

  1. Is this in Dutch? I can understand every third word or so.

  2. Good spot! It was a piece by one of the Dutch papers.

  3. It was made for a Dutch television show called Holland Sport. This is not like any other sports show because there is almost no attention for results etc. They even made a complete reconstruction of the Gavia ’88 ride with Erik Breukink and Johan Van de Velde riding through the snow up the Gavia 20 years later.


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