SKS Race Blade Fenders


“Riding in the rain will make you stronger.” – Sean Kelly

I really don’t mind riding in the rain; growing up in Northern Ireland there wasn’t really a choice. We would always tell ourselves we were tougher for doing it, and besides our Sean said…. The problem with riding in the rain is not the rain, it is the crap that ends up all over you that comes off the road that really bothers me. And in NYC that is a lot of crap. Not to mention if you go out to ride with a few of the guys, that would be your face and your ass getting covered. The old-style full fenders that keep you truly clean required you to bolt them to the brake and have eyelets on your frame to fasten the stays – not an option on any of the frames I have now. The “backscratcher” fender design I just can’t bring myself to put on the bike. They look like something I would make as a kid out of a Cornflake box. Then the SKS Race Blades came along. They are now a permanent fixture on the winter wet ride. They were out of the plastic storage package and onto the bike in about 10 mins. They attach using a rubberized strap that has plenty of adjustment to fit any dimension of tubing or fork. Once on, they are really easy to adjust, as you can slide them up and down within their brackets to get the correct distance from the tire (the closer the better).


On the road they work really well. No back spray and the front one keeps the booties pretty dry. Now I have to convince everyone I ride with to buy a set to keep the grit out of my teeth. Get on over to Competitive Cyclist and get a set. For $55 the money you will save on having to boil wash your kit alone will make it worth it. (Note on the picture above: They don’t stop you getting flats on your back tire.)

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