Speedbicycles is a brand worth spending 15 mins with (I found them through our friends at domestique). They are based in Basle, Switzerland where owner Stefan Schaefter started collecting and restoring bikes back in the 1980s. He has got a pretty impressive collection to date. Their knowledge of brands, builds and where to find them, makes them an invaluable source for anyone interested in bikes of this era. They offer help on purchasing, sales, repair, restoration, assembly and accessories.


It is hard to choose a favorite from their collection, but this 1973 Wilier Triestina is a standout. Beautiful copper paint job, one I would love to see on a modern day bike (Pinarello used to do a Dogma almost in this color). The finishing kit is Campagnolo Record. 3ttt bar, stem and post, Cinelli Unicanitor suede saddle, Nisi tubular rims and a Regina Oro 5-speed freewheel. This little beauty weighs in at 9.2kg. You have to love the branded parts, with Wilier on the Campy shifters and the 3ttt stem.The bike feels pretty understated for the era, with a very simple decal – for an Italian. I think my favorite detail is the chrome “socks” on the front fork. Cute.


Nice shots as well – all credits to Speedbicycles. Where the hell does he keep all this stuff…..


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