The Thomson Elite Masterpiece Seatpost


There was a time when our first choice of material was carbon, carbon and carbon. It was lighter, and besides it was the “material du jour” for the serious cyclist. But lately the “old materials” are coming back strong, and with new techniques in milling and engineering it is possible to get better strength-to-weight ratios. One such part is the Thomson Elite Masterpiece Seatpost. It weighs in at a superlight 158 grams for a 240-mm post and 193 grams for a 330-mm. That is pretty impressive compared to the more popular carbon posts on the market (The Deda Elementi Superzero: 218 grams and The Ritchey WCS: 184 grams). Sure there are lighter options, like the Schmolke TLO that is a featherlight 85 grams, but does come with a wallet warning at around $700 and an instruction guide of exactly where to place the clamp in case you crush it! The Thompson comes in at $150 and is milled from “high strength 7000 series aluminum.” My favorite feature is the amount of adjustment offered from the two-bolt system that allows the seat to be tilted from -5 to +29°. As the guys at Above Category describe it in the Moots build they are doing right now (which is HOT!) this a ”bomb proof” part – good advice considering it’s the thing you are sitting on.

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  1. I cant see carbon anymore! BRRRRRRR all black black and black again..

    one example: the Colnago Master X Light, a very nice frame, people build this frame up with all black pieces monster ahead stems, ugly! a nice X Light should come with chrome parts, but also, not easy to find them. the last month I spend my time with collecting chrome parts for a classic frame.

    the thomson is black, but still, a masterpiece ;)

  2. Stefan,

    The masterpiece line comes in a brilliantly gorgeous silver as well:

  3. Paul beat me to it. They do the same post in silver and also some really beautiful stems in silver too.

  4. thanks paul I know, but I have to say that the black pone looks more noble…

    and add:

    BRRRRRRR all black black and black again.. AND OVERsize



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