Cycling Window Displays


I found this when I was trawling through last summers pictures taken in the Pyrenees. It was taken in the market town of Saint-Girons, which was going to be a stage finish town when The Tour passed through there in July. In celebration of being honored with a stage finish a lot of the local shop owners had dusted down their old bikes and/or jerseys and made window displays to show their support. This one in particular caught my eye. No one is missing this guy with those checks on his sleeves. I count a total of seven fonts on the jersey (and that is just the front). Blasphemy. On a separate and completely unrelated to cycling note. The window below is of a bookshop in Reykjavik, Iceland. It was a communist bookshop. No prizes for guessing.


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  1. But a cycling jersey wouldn’t be a cycling jersey without at least three fonts on the front, ha. Thats a pretty nice red, green, blue combo though; and a nice moustache Mr. Stalin is supporting I might add. Still no prize?

  2. Yeah you do have a point there about the fonts….. As much as I like the moustache the only way you get a prize out of this one is if you sport one in a local race.

  3. cool ;)


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