Elcyclista From Around The World: Spain



Whilst our Sunday ride was canceled due to 14 inches of snow, Stefan in San Miguel, Spain, was out giving his bike a “wash”. I just got these great shots from him taking his kit out for an inaugural ride around a soggy Spanish countryside. We are lucky enough to have Stefan be a regular reader, as he is also a pretty amazing photographer (check out his work, http://www.stefan-rohner.net/blog/). He said the kit held up well and the mud came out on washing. :) Also check out his winter ride below, a beautiful Speedvagon from Vanilla Bikes of Portland, Oregon. (Photos: © Carina Berlingeri)


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  1. Thats awesome! Nice Jersey, cool action!

    Kay Schlegel
  2. i found the picture over still dancing. very good pictures from stefan. you malliot look very good, beautiful blog.

  3. p.s la bici cross tiene buena pinta, ya me la enseñaras.

  4. ;)

    I have visitors, they complain that you cropped ;) but I see that your “smaller” here.

  5. Manuel, cuando quieres! we see us…

  6. no complain at all. actually I like this combination here much, too. very dynamic! Have fun !


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