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iFixbyx is like having your own personal mechanic. Someone who knows your ride intimately, and how to treat her just right. In my case Mark Purdy the owner of iFixbyx also built my ride and has handled all of the upgrades over the last two years. You know how it is when you get on a new build for the first time, that first few days are hard to replicate. Cables get stretched, things get knocked about and the ride is never that smooth again. Well every time I get my bike back from Mark it feels like a new build. Riders are a fussy lot, we like things just right. When you find a good mechanic you usually have to go out of your way to make it work. The nice thing about this service is, that Mark goes out of his way to look after your ride.

Mark stepped back and looked at what was out there, and built the whole idea of iFixByx around customer needs and their lifestyle. It is simple, he offers everything, from basic tune-ups to full PRO builds. You can bring him the parts, or he can get them for you, he doesn’t really care, it is up to you. This is a service not a shop, he isn’t trying to sell you anything. Take advantage of the World Wide Web and source the parts at the best price and bring them to Mark, it is perfect. Then he looked at what was missing out there. Well, how hard is it to actually get to the shop during the week? Work, training, travel, walk the dog….when can I make that work? So Mark will come and pick the bike up from you, do the work and drop it back. Pretty nice. It gets better, for those of you that live outside of NYC this may not apply, but I can tell you setting a bike stand up in the living room doesn’t fly around here. There are some things I can do, and some things I would rather leave to someone who knows, this is not a project after all. iFixByx will also be offering a workstation for you to come and work on your own bike, use some tools and get some guidance from the Sensei. This service alone makes it worth never going to a bike shop ever again.

He has also added a great gift certificate idea that allows you to pay up front for service (or get friends and family to buy it for you!) – which also helps Mark get what he needs to get the business up and running the way he wants. Check it out. You won’t go back to a bike shop ever again.

iFixbyx, NYC.

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