Elcyclista Frame Design Research: Part 1


Seeing that Ritte frame has inspired me. It may never see the light of day, but I am going to start the long process of designing an Elcyclista frame. Any designers reading this will know and understand that designing for yourself is like counting the hairs on your head. So I wholly expect to be posting the design this time in 2011, but you have to start somewhere. For years now I have been following the guys at Mollusk in San Francisco. They are a custom surfboard maker, and in my opinion the kings of color. Even if you don’t take to the waves (in the same way that we take to the road, expect to show up at the shop and see a “Gone Surfing” sign), what they make and shape are things of beauty. Part surf shop, t-shirt designers, art gallery, music promoter, Mollusk is well worth the visit, but go when the tide is out. Their board designs are simple and understated with beautiful color combinations, and patterns that remind me of retro cycling jerseys. The finish on the boards is amazing and the high gloss resin seal makes the colors they choose really pop. They add in beautifully simple details like pinstripes and single color hand-drawn illustrations. It is a good place to start.


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  1. When are you accepting deposits? I just canceled my order for a Look 595.


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