From The Saddle: A Frozen Hudson River




I have been in NYC ten years now, which means I have more or less ridden up the Hudson Valley for the same amount of time. No matter how many times you see the river, it always seems to offer up something different. From the hot sticky days of a New York summer to this, the frozen windswept depths of January. Truth be told these are not from the saddle, the 45mph gusts and 17 degree weather took care of that (yeah, yeah, I am a lightweight sunshine cyclist). Shot on the short hike out to Saugerties Lighthouse.

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  1. I was fortunate enough to be able to stay the night in the Saugerties lighthouse this past summer. It was great experience and highly recommended – and further we found Platte Clove road, a monster climb that I believe was used during the Tour de Trump. I think Ekimov raced it.

  2. The Charles, up here in Boston, affords the same sort of amazing wintertime beauty, and then completely transforms for summer. One of the great aspects of my daily routes is that it takes me past this sort of beauty.

  3. I lasted 8 minutes in the 45 mph gusts before I decided to turn around and get the “ride” in on the trainer.

  4. brrrrrrrr that looks cold ;)

  5. Only had the pleasure of riding along the Charles once on a beautiful stretch coming into the city.

  6. The house we stayed at was right by Platte Cove road! But the road was closed for the winter. Maybe we’ll go back in the summer and tackle it by bike… :)


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