Is Red, White And Blue The New Black?


In the 2007/08 season white was the new black, and before that black was the new black (well “nude” carbon was). Last season seemed to be the year of white bikes with thin diagonal pointy stripes. This year Ridley and Team Katusha are making a very bold statement with their new 2010 team bike and shifting the needle again. Big bold blocks of red and blue mixed with a little bit of white almost make this frame look retro. The change started to creep into the peleton last year when Cofidis rolled up to the Tour on a very red and white Look 595. The first time seeing it I really wasn’t sure, it looked almost plain. But looking at it again in the window of R&A here in Brooklyn, it looks like a pretty classy ride. Followed closely by FDJ and Lapierre rolling out a frame that felt more like a French national champion’s paint job than a team design, it was beautiful in its simplicity (needs a white stem, though). Also with the BMC team colors being red and black, things are looking up for a splash of red. Now all we need is a red, white and blue Pinarello for Team Sky in the Tour to make the prediction come true.

One of the most exciting things I look forward to at this time of the year is what will the teams deliver for the National Champions on their teams. BMC have killed it with George’s BMC, pure class, this is the statement of a national champion. (But ironically they completely messed it up on Cadel’s world champion frame. How could the Swiss get it so wrong? It looks so pedestrian.) Lotto and Canyon have gone for intricate and beautiful details on the insides of the stays and forks with national flags, a really lovely touch.


And you have to admire when a sponsor shows this type of confidence in one of their riders. Just today Zdenek Stybar took the world cross title and after getting cleaned up and presented with his medal as newly crowned champion, no sooner had he stepped down off the podium and Ridley presented him with what looks like a beautifully designed X-Night. Maximize that “we have the world champion time” before the cross season ends.


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  1. Call me old-fashioned, but I much preferred it when all of the riders on a team rode bikes with the same team-issue paint job.

    Not everything in life or cycling has to be color coordinated. Wearing the leaders jersey in the Giro is an honor in and of itself; it doesn’t require full pink kit and bike to go with it. The same goes with the national champions.

  2. I agree with the above comment. So what if Hincapie is the US National Champ?? Doesn’t mean they had to dress him up like Captain America and paint up a bike to match! I think it looks so tacky and ridiculous. Cadel’s bike is pretty terrible too, but nowhere near as offensive as Big George’s ride.


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