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I have been staring at this frame for weeks. It has been a dark week here in Brooklyn, I am buried in work and finding it hard to get time to do anything beyond push pixels and get some -30 degree riding in. I keep coming back to this frame and admiring the design and that muscle bike front end. A brand I didn’t know much about until the Cross Season started. Nice and light at a claimed weight of 890g. But something else did bring a smile to my face. I imagine if you are a pro rider you would get very excited at that time of the year when you go to the team’s first camp and get your new kit and bikes. And then someone does this to you. What possessed someone to choose “skin tone” as a color for a kit? They will look naked! Can’t wait to see this one on TV and hopefully they will ride Roubaix, all that mud and skin they will look like mud wrestlers. Blur your eyes, go on, I dare you…….


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  1. I can’t belive to my eyes :D

  2. signore Forchetta, most professional cloth look ridiculous ;)

    same with the bikes Conor (my thoughts) same form, same style of paint. treks, specialized, de rosa and so on.. 1 ground paint and several horizontal decorative lines… these big carbon surfaces would be perfect for some special/personal paint job.

  3. That’s true Stefan, this photo prove it :)

  4. Ironic how, if the kit design was somewhat okay and not quite as hideous, Footon would be getting absolutely no publicity at this time of year. It seems everyone is commenting on how bad this kit is. All part of some devilish marketing scheme??

  5. These guys would get arrested if they got caught with 200 meters of a school with that kit on. Just saying.


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