The Peyresourde Climb







I am using this time in between seasons to catch up on photography projects that I have been sitting on from last year. These shots were taken this summer on a week in the Pyrenees. We had really spotty weather which made it sometimes nervous to ride in (I found that out descending with Carbon rims in the wet for 17km), but it did make for great light to photograph in. The Peyresourde sits just outside of the spa town of Bagnéres De Luchon, nestled at the bottom of some of the best climbs in the Pyrenees, up the valley from Lourdes. Two cars past me all the way up. It is a really beautiful ride, with the best of french country markets at the end of it.


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  1. Stunning shots Conor!! I’m jealous. We have 10cm of snow here in Hamilton, ON.

  2. We don’t have snow down her in Brooklyn, but the cold would take the skin off your nose.

  3. Fantastic photos! Really enjoyed them. What kind of camera are you using?

  4. I wish I had been riding there this morning. Really nice shots!

  5. These were shot on a Lumix LX2 which is a great little in-pocket camera. It has a nice wide angle setting that is great for these type of shots. I just upgraded to a Canon S90 as my new in the pocket when I am riding camera, it has a great sensor and lens. After I do a considerable amount of post production in Lightroom to get them to look like these. Some sharpening and exposure work. If I am riding to watch a race I will take my backpack with a Nikon D700 in it, like I did for the shots on the Joux Plane.

  6. I know that place ;)

    if we talk about picture quality, I would improve the middtones, they are a little too grey in grey.

  7. nice pictures – looks not so exausting like it is


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