The Ritte Racing Boseberg Frame


This is one seriously nice looking frame (thanks to Robot at RKP for pointing it my way). There is something very classy about that sky blue and black – very similar to the new Sky Team colors (a little weaker on the blue). Some really nice touches with the white hoods, and white and black cable covers up front. Someone really sat down and looked at every part here and considered how it could be coordinated to the frame. A few hints of Belgium, and named after the one and only climb to top it off. Check out their site for the story behind the first build.

Photos from Ritte Racing.

Categories: Design / Rides

  1. Thank you so much for the kind words about our Bosberg! We’re very proud of it. I noticed your link is to our old blog. Our site can now be found at


    Spencer Canon
  2. A pleasure Spencer – it is a beautifully designed frame. Updated the link. Let me know when you get the other paint schemes in. Looking forward to seeing them.

  3. Truly a beautiful bike. The design is simple but bold, eye catching. I’m wondering where the frames are being made. Perhaps I missed the info on the Web site.

    Waffles & Steel
  4. holy SHIZ that is one hot frame. as in i wanna touch it! niiiiice! :)

  5. Sweet. I almost never like the design on really race-oriented bikes, but those colors work so well together, and the design is almost understated. Fab!


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