Big Jan Enjoying Life

Whenever you waken up and find that the weather has contrived to dump snow all over your plans for Training Camp in Austin, and you are stuck dealing with airline hold music, life is not all bad as demonstrated by Big Jan. There are still some good things to enjoy like beer, pies and Lederhosen. This is how you do retirement. Chin up!

Categories: Riders

  1. Wonder how many guys there are in the background singing “Ulli, Ulli, Ulli!”…?

  2. How do you like them apple strudels!?!

    sir velo
  3. achtung baby!

    al b
  4. So he’s back to his normal winter training program. I sense a comeback! He’ll be up to fighting weight in no time ;-)

  5. Looks like retirement sits well with him. He looks happy. Well at least happier than he was pushing the big ring up the Alps.


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