Los Angeles Ride Suggestions

The week after next I will be down in LA for a week of work. I am thinking of bringing the bike as I will have a Saturday and Sunday, and a a few mid-week mornings to ride. Any readers out there who can recommend a couple of long road rides for the weekend, or nice 1.5 hour mid-week morning rides close to the city? I will have a car for the weekend and expect to drive out of town a little to get to a ride start. Any suggestions would be a HUGE help.

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  1. For you’re mid-week rides, try mt. hollywood at griffith park, a steady 3 mile climb (closed off to traffic) up to the observatory. Explore the park!

    Our long climbs are being washed away this weekend (landslides) but Sunday Morning try the Love Ride http://www.socalcycling.com/Group%20Rides/weekly/loveride.htm

    have fun!

  2. Also the people at lafixed.com (bike forum) can help you out, look in the lycrazone thread

  3. my solo routes…..the “cue sheets”, automatically generated, are a bit content heavy.


    feel free to email me with any questions

  4. LA is a huge place. There are many opportunities (from flats to mountains), but if you give us an idea of where you are staying, it would help folks point you in the right places. Also think about the terrain you desire, and what your threshold for fast moving cars 12″ from your elbow is.

  5. The LeGrange club holds 6:30am rides and you can go and join them and they’re about an hour and half and then they get coffee. Check their site. Also, doing topanga is preety easy, you just go to the water in Santa Monica, ride PH1 for a few miles, take a right on Topanga and go up. It’s probably a little less than 10 miles and not very steep, but it’s a good ride. Lot’s of traffic, but you’re fine.


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