Omloop! Nice one Juan

I felt bad for big Tony (Juan) Flecha last year in Paris Roubaix, when Pozatto had the balls to complain about him falling in front of him. Hell Pippo, it’s not like he did it on purpose, maybe you shouldn’t sit so close to his wheel! So if anyone was going to beat our Heinrich, then I don’t feel so bad seeing Tony giving the “bow and arrow” on the line. Did he really just ride Philip Gilbert off his wheel without getting out of the saddle? It looks like that new fish n’ chip, and deep fried Snicker British diet is working out for the Spaniard (did I just give Brailsford’s secret away, sorry Dave). Very impressed to see Heinrich take second, despite declaring himself “less than fit” before the race. Looking good for MSR Mr Haussler! Also nice for the Belgium commentators to be the first to say “the sky’s the limit” – I wonder how long it took them to think that one up? I doubt it will be the last time we heat that…Cycling’s March madness is well under way.


….and they just picked up a 3rd in K-B-K, with Ian Standard. Man, I could feel Standard’s legs lock up after he went in the last KM – still a great ride. This team is looking good for another win in the classics.

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  1. As anyone from the UK will tell you…….it’s deep fried Mars Bars not Snickers….LOL

  2. Not that it really matters, but I think it was hoste who cried about flecha crashing last year.

  3. Elcyclista was born and bred in the UK… I think he was being funny about the Snickers (either that or he’s become more assimilated than I realized…)


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