Ray Dobbin’s Paletti Cronos

I don’t know what impresses me more about Ray Dobbins. The fact that he has found and restored all of these bikes to such a high standard, or the effort he takes in documenting them. His site is well worth a visit for anyone interested in looking at the craft of frame design and how rides have evolved over the decades. It is hard to choose a favorite, but this Paletti Cronos is one of the most unique rides I have seen. Check out that paint. Man I wish I had the story behind this bike.
Photos by Ray Dobbins

Categories: Classic / Rides

  1. Just gotta love these “funny bikes” from the late 80s. Every time I see these I’m reminded of the 89 TdF with Fignon and LeMond blasting into Paris on their sloping top tube rides.

  2. Can anybody provide me a link or a solid answer as the what the functionality was of those downward-sloping top tubes?


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