Sitting in a client meeting today with an Italian we got to talking about cycling, and debating about the best grand tour for excitement value. He had a somewhat biased opinion of course. So afterward I started to write down some thoughts on the editions of the Tours that I enjoyed most from the last decade. The highs, Armstrong’s comeback, Andy Schleck’s second at the Giro in his first grand Tour, Savoldelli’s descent to keep the pink jersey, and of course the lows. The Landis positive, the Ricco positive, Rasmussen getting the boot. Well, I did it subjectively, not taking note of the points as I went along, and guess what, Claudia was right – the Giro edged it by a point. Who knew…

Click here for the full size exciterometer graph

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  1. too much Armstrong for me ;) I am a fan of the years with Chiappucci, Rominger, Olano, Indurain, Bugno, Berzin, Jalabert, Escartin and the crazy Kelme always on the attac! Lejaretta was still there and so on …. and so on.


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