Cobbles, Corners, Crashes: The Red Hook Criterium

All I could think of was that thank god this didn’t happen last weekend during the NYC Tsunami. The Redhook Criterium has become quite the spectacle, and an area of Brooklyn that would normally not see much life at this time on a Saturday night was packed with cycling die-hards, and a few perplexed locals. They turned up in all shapes and sizes, from the Cat racers, to the bike messengers, from the team-sponsored to the thrift store-sponsored, from the custom carbon track frames to the “fell off the back of a truck” Fujis. One race, men and women, all in.  A note about the course: insane. From the newly paved carpet up by the new Ikea to the Beard Street cobbles, plus manholes raised, oh, a good inch above the surface, on a low light course so even if you could avoid the holes, spotting them was going to be a whole other thing. And off they went on a rolling neutral lap to get a little accustomed to the coarse. One lap in saw the field sort itself out, with a lead group separating themselves pretty quickly and setting an insanely fast time around the one mile lap. 20 laps later an Adler rider appeared out of the darkness of Beard street with his hands in the air like he just didn’t care, and we had a winner. We bailed at this point but I can only imagine the atmosphere in Sonny’s around the corner was good well into the wee hours.

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  1. Awesome photos! Wish I could have gone to see the race myself. Looks incredible.

    Tyler Reed
  2. What Tyler Reed said…

  3. man you tilt shifted me right out of that 2nd start line pic. good pics though.

    mattie d
  4. Dude – I am so sorry, I can get a little carried away with the tilt sometimes, plus it was real dark and I couldn’t see the splendor of that wool jersey until I got home.


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