Edge Composite 45 Clinchers

I got these wheels about nine months ago almost to the day, and this is the first time I have had them off my bike (I got a massive blow out last weekend that left a whole the size of a quarter in my new Evo Corsa). They have been over some pretty rough terrain in and around New York. They have also been up and down the Pyrenees last summer. Seven different states from California to Pennsylvania, and in and out of a bike box, a lot. After all of these miles and travel Mark at ifixbyx has only had to true them once, after a bounce in and out of a pothole on River Road. Despite the fact these are carbon clinchers, they are my everyday ride wheel, I find them to be absolutely bomb proof. The guys at wheelbuilder.com built them up, and all it took was a visit to the website and a phone call. The rims are Edge Composite 45 Clinchers, with a 20/24 spoke combo. For the hubs I chose the DT Swiss 190’s with ceramic cartridge bearings. The spokes are DT Aerolites in silver. The front wheel weight using the Wheelbuidler calculator comes out at about 650g, the rear wheel around 750g, without the cassette (total wheel weight around 1400g). So not the lightest, but what you loose in weight, you gain back with the DT Swiss super smooth hubs and bearings. They roll beautifully. Now I just have to get a new tire and look out for nine inch nails lying in the middle of the road.

ADDITION: By complete chance I just saw this post via Above Category and I couldn’t agree more. These wheels are not “too finicky for everyday use” as described in Bicycling Magazine. I have found quite the opposite. My rather large blowout was down to nothing more than my bad eyesight. Like he said sell your first born to get them and be proud to ride something niche.

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  1. River Road, wherever it may be, always has the biggest dichotomy between wheel-swallowers and smooth tarmac.

  2. Nice pair of moccasins!!
    I’m building a new pair of shoes. I have chosen a pair of 28h mavic open pro CD with 7900 dura-ace hubs. My spoke choice is Sapim CX-ray.
    How does DT 190 hubs works?

  3. Wanting to not get lost in technical talk I will give you a very real example. I now notice that whenever I put my considerable girth forward on a descent, I go really quickly. This can not be attributed to any increase in skill, but has to be the ceramic bearings. These wheels roll great, and are feel very smooth and quiet. High;y recommend them.

  4. What I can’t figure out is why they only relaid the tarmac close to the bridge, which is great, but gives you a false sense of security until you come to one of those nice downhills and see half the hillside all over the road and a few large wells.

  5. I dream of the day that they repave ALL of River Road–AND it survives through the winter–so that I can actually enjoy the descents instead of being scared shitless on them… :(

  6. When I grow up I want a set of Edge tubs.

  7. No one may be riding River Road for months. It is a disaster after the latest storms and rains. The whole section from top of Boat Basin to bottom of the Alpine hill is strewn with fallen trees, boulders, and general craziness. You can get thru on bike, but you’ll need to dismount dozens of times to get over, thru and around everything. Stick to 9W…


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