From The Saddle: Griffith Park, LA

My first ride in LA. My first time in shorts outdoors in 2010. Felt good. I drove over from West Hollywood to the car park at the LA Zoo and set out on the loop recommended to me by friends in Griffith Park. This is a regular in the city loop, and despite the fact it was 7am and a little cold, there were still a few riders out. The loop is practically traffic free, and apart from some drain off dirt from the rain, the surface is pretty good. Just after the Travel Town museum there is a nice little climb, perfect for hill repeats. I did see something interesting. This being Oscar week I guess there are a few stars in town, and I did see a jogger out with her trainer being escorted by a police car. Only in LA.

Categories: Routes

  1. Beautiful photos!

  2. usually the mayor of LA runs thru Griffith Park in the AM with a police escort. Also, since the police academy is close (its by dodger stadium about 3 miles away) police cadets are also running around w/police escorts. Glad you enjoyed the park! I usually train there 3 days a week, its an oasis for joggers and cyclists


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