From The Saddle: La Flores and Malibu

The weather caught up with me on my last day of riding in LA. It had been too good to be true, 60 degrees and sunny everyday. I wanted to head up La Flores one last time. When you turn off PCH there is a nice steady one mile to get yourself settled in, and then you hit a tough 16% section. Once past this it is a great climb that had hardly any traffic on it. I came back down the same way to PCH and headed back towards Dume Point to shake the legs out. If you ever get tired of riding PCH (It is hard to believe this is the equivalent of our 9W – hardly seems fair) there is a nice little side road called Malibu Road, that although it doesn’t have a great surface, you will get an idea of how the other half live. When I got back into LA I spotted a great little gaggle of surfers floating around looking for a wave. All of this right on the doorstep of the city. Completely changed my opinion of LA, it is a very cool place to ride.

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