From The Saddle: The Agoura Hills

It just gets better and better. My first time riding in the Agoura Hills off PCH, and man it is some tough love riding. Beautiful Canyon roads, that get less traffic the more you go out along PCH. Today I headed up Encinal Road on the advice of my coach Chad and along Mulholland Hwy (probably the worst named road ever – because believe me this is no Highway) and back down Kanan Dume Road. The climb up Encinal is perfect, nice and steady and great views of the Pacific on the lower slopes. It averages out at about 5.5%, with a max of 8% and runs for about 6.5 miles if you go all the way up and over to the Malibu Country club. The legs are starting to feel a little cooked, but I am going to squeeze every ounce of life out of this sun before I go back to frigid NYC on Sunday. How can I go back to the Cyclops after this?

Categories: Routes

  1. What are we doing in NY? CA is so damn pretty…


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