Baum Ristretto GTR

The guys down-under just keep coming up with beautiful frame finishes. This one is influenced by the Rothmans Group C Porsche 956 team cars from the early 80′s. Finished in satin white and is complimented with crystal navy blue; offset with red and gold pin stripes. They have a gorgeous Flickr set of the frame details.

Categories: Design / Rides

  1. They sure do!

    I took delivery of my Baum Corretto six weeks ago. The paint job was inspired by my favourite cycling jersey – the Molteni jersey worn by Merckx (including the rainbow bands on the sleeves and collar).

    The finish is sensational and the ride just brilliant. :-)

    Plenty of pics here:

  2. I really like this bike and Nic’s bike. Very classy.

    Derek Blagg

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