Condor Track Shot

Don’t know who the rider is and don’t know who took the shot, but man it makes you proud to be a rider. Chrome spokes, box rims, toe straps and a helmet that believe me if you hit the deck wearing one, it was like having the equivalent of a box of Kleenex strapped to you head for protection. But the frame more than anything stands out for the shear understated class of Condor.

Categories: Classic / Riders

  1. Well, I can answer your riddle. We showed the image to Grant Young, the owner of Condor and he told us instantly who it was.

    The coach is Ted Grey and the rider is David Weller.
    Ted was from Wales and went over to Jamaica, he started coaching track riders and then became the Jamaician National Coach.
    David Weller is one of the members of the Jamacian National Team.
    We’re going to dig out another pic of him riding with a medal round his neck.

    Claire @ Condor Cycles
  2. Thank you Claire! I have had this picture for years without knowing much about it. I just loved the image. Anyone who has raced knew that moment when tightening the toe straps just before the off. Makes the hairs on my neck stand up. Thanks for the details. It is nice to finally put names to the faces I have been staring at for ever.


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