Fly V By Michael Crook

The Fly V team hit the shores of the US at the beginning of the year, and have had an instant impact on the domestic race scene. In one 7-day period alone they entered 5 races, and walked away with 5 wins. Michael Crook, an LA-based photographer got to live the dream, and hang with the team during that period. What she captured was a series of images of a team (and I mean team) on the road, enjoying life, racing and winning, a lot. The images she captured exude the feeling of what the team call “Mateship” (in fact they have the word printed on the inside collar of their jerseys). This is a group of riders on the way up that have a very visible bond in these images. They have set themselves the goal of a Pro-Continental license for next year, and after that, the first Australian team to enter the Tour in 2011. With some high profile names like Robbie McEwan looking for new contracts at the end of the season, and led by the experienced Henk Vogels, I wouldn’t bet against them pulling it off. What a nice way for Robbie to finish. On an Australian team with his old buddy Henk.

Michael was kind enough to let us run the images as a feature photo essay. (In the next few weeks we will also run a second essay of the team shot by Michael of the behind-the-scenes team life). If you want to see more of Michaels work, or contact her you can find it here. Enjoy!

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