From The Saddle: Spring Classics

Woke up to a beautiful spring day here in New York, so we headed up to Nyack for a long lazy spring ride (there seemed to be an unusual amount of people on tri bikes today for some reason). I ran into this great group of riders outside of  the Runcible Spoon. Two classic and beautifully designed jerseys in amazing condition. The Wild-VIS jersey had a wonderful story attached. During a ride in Europe the owner (sorry, I forgot to get your name down before we left) got into a conversation with a rider from Flanders who informed him that Gevogelte, Scholler, Lier were essentially mostly things that you would find on a menu at a fine restaurant in Flanders. Interesting choice of sponsors. The D.L.F jersey was picked up at L’Eroica a few years back, and looked like a true collector’s item. Irish legs below, starting to emerge from a tough winter and look like European or American legs – well at least if all of the freckles join up they will. It is either that or I am the next Stuart O’Grady (in looks only).

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  1. You almost got it right.

    Wild = Wild animals (duck, deer, etc)
    Vis = Fish
    Gevogeltje = any poultry

    Scholler is the name of the butcher, and Lier is the town where the store is, just southeast of Antwerp. Address of the shop is “Vismarkt 7″ if you ever want to visit. ;-)

    Nice jerseys.

  2. Correction: Rik Schöller WAS the name of the owner, which was no butcher. Rik handed over business to my father, Wim Oppers in 1974. Rik died in 1991. Sinds 04/01/2010 I took over the business.

    Infact, I have a photograph of my father with this jersey. To my vague recollection, we have another one of these jerseys lying in our attic…

    So you say you saw this jersey in NY?

    Jan Oppers

    Jan Oppers
  3. Now that is the sort of background you need. Thanks Jan for the background. Any chance we can post that picture of your father? And if that other jersey in your attic ever goes up for sale you now where to come to :}

  4. Update:

    I asked my father about the jersey. He told me there were 5 or 6 jerseys made in total but the cyclists always kept them for themselves. Except for the one my father had. I say ‘had’ because he told me he gave it away to a neighbour about 20 years ago. I’ve lost contact with that neighbour but I’ve sent an e-mail to his daughter on facebook last night to ask about the jersey. It’s probably going to take some time to get it (if it still exists) but if I’m able to get my hands on it, you can have it…
    I’ll try to get my scanner up & running next week so i can send you the picture of my dad with the jersey…
    Maybe you should mail me so I can send you the pic if it’s scanned?

    By the way: my father told me there should be 1 or 2 brown versions of that same jersey, so if you ever see 1, pls mail me a picture…


    Jan Oppers
  5. This is great Jan – thanks for the story. I think there is a longer and more detailed post coming along. I will email you if you for the scan. I will keep my eyes peeled here and in Europe for a brown version and will make sure to wrestle the owner to the side of the road and get a picture.


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