The Rapha Condor Leggero and Raphersvoir Dogs

At Battenkill this weekend I got the opportunity to see the Condor Leggero’s up close, and have a talk with the mechanic that built up the bikes. We have posted before on this frame when we visited the shop in London last year. At that point this version of the frame was a prototype being ridden by Kristian House to collect rider feedback. The frame is now available to all of us in the team colors (photographed here) in a limited edition and also in white. It is a gorgeous frame that looks perfect as the an all round ride. An angular down tube and slightly flattened top tube give the bike a very rigid look. It also has what looks like an incredibly short wheel base with a “go faster” inset that the mechanic says gives a very noticeable increase when accelerating, and flattened tubes in the rear triangle (he wouldn’t let me take it for a spin – I don’t blame him, he may never have seen me again even if I did leave him my Nikon as collateral). Kristian’s bike was fitted with the Shimano Di2 gruppo, and the rest of the team were on standard Durace. Some nice touches on the bikes, like Dean Downing’s Ride Pure blue spacer (above), and the internal cable routing on the top tubes. Also it has to be noted, that the team did a great impression of Reservoir Dogs on the way to the sign-in, the crowds literally parted! I also spotted that very nice musette designed by our friends at Gage & Desoto.

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