Things Pro’s Say: “Super Sensations”

Often heard when a rider has done something completely unexpected. Often uttered in that 10 minute press frenzy just after the podium adulation, when the adrenaline and heart rate are, well, super. Personally this is not something I have ever experienced in nearly 30 years of riding and racing. Well, maybe once, when descending the Galibier at over 40mph, pretty much everything had super sensations. I have tried really hard to put myself mentally in a position where I would feel Super Sensations. I am in the pack, sucking wheels and saving matches, when I think, “you know what, I am having Super Sensations down there today, I’m off”. This poses a couple of questions. How do I know that the Super Sensations are just that? Or do you only realize Super Sensations after the fact? – “oh yeah, that must have been super sensations!”. Also, what happens the rest of the time? You might only get Super Sensations once a season, so what if you miss them, and think that it was just your Powerbar kicking in, and we know that doesn’t last.

So whenever Pierrick Fédrigo takes a stage at Criterium International against some seriously good riders, he is definitely having “Super Sensations” as he commented on after winning. Because before that race he had not really been doing a lot, and in his own words ““I’ve had really bad sensations since Paris-Nice”. Alas, the search continues for the illusive Super Sensations and the hope that I find them whilst I am on the actual bike, and not sitting at the coffee shop thinking “There I am a waiting for Super Sensation, and three come along once”

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  1. I’m not a racer, so I don’t think I’ll ever have the super sensations (surely testoterone and a really elevated heart rate contribute to that feeling). But, I do know the feeling of good sensations. Recently, after a stretch of three or four bad rides — rides that felt slow, without purpose and generally uninspired — I found myself flying uphill. I passed a house with a dog that sometimes gives me some trouble because when he chases, I’m suffering up the hill and I worry about not being able to outrun him. The dog didn’t arrive, but it didn’t matter, when I noticed that I was at that house I felt fantastic and I was absolutely rolling along. Levity – is the word and I was riding with levity (insofar as one’s legs rather than one’s mood might be lighthearted). I didn’t have to look to my computer to know it (though I did) – I was riding up that hill faster than I ever have and I wasn’t so much as winded. The feeling died before I made it home, but by then I was just sort of spinning and cooling down. I can absolutely identify and remember how that felt – those were good sensations.

  2. This is too good. I like the idea of fear triggering Super Sensations. Hard to adopt to pack riding, but I am going to think about it for a while before giving up. We could position dogs at key parts of the coarse…..

  3. This is actually just a funny translation of a Spanish “falso amigo”.

    In English, we would say “I was feeling really good”. To say the same in Spanish would be “He tenido buenas sensaciones”.

    When directly translated by a mechanical translator of some sort, the word “sensations” comes out. But that is just an example of the nuances in between different languages.

  4. I think I like “He tenido buenas sensaciones” – I feel a t-shirt coming on.

  5. I’m gonna copyright that!!!!!!!

    I HATE my cublice ;(


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