Bike Lust: The Storck Fenomalist

I have been reading and admiring the Storck Fenomalist from afar, mostly because I am afraid if I get too close I might actually try and buy one. Then I stumbled across the S-Tec site in Germany that is a specialist dealer for them, and they have great shots of these pretty pimped out builds. My fate may be sealed. I am not sure about those wheels in the top shot though, they look like you would have to wear white shorts to carry them off and I am just not sure I can go there. But that white frame is a beauty. Everything I have read about these frames says they are one of the best rides you will ever throw your leg over. If anyone reading owns one, or has had the joy of riding one, I would love to hear some first-hand feedback.

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  1. Those guys of S-Tec have an awesome shop in the German country side. And Markus Storck is an excellent frame builder.

    But you miss all the good fun here in the Netherlands. Wilfried de Jong tonight on TV about the Giro and the Schleck brothers.

    Wouter Brandsma
  2. I have the pleasure of owning a Storck Fenomalist. The bike is absolutely fantastic. Even when I go out for a slow paced ride, I cant keep myself from hammering it every now and then – it just wants to go fast. But, what has been outstanding, something I havent experienced with any other bike (ridden a Giant TCR, Cervelo S1, Independent Fabrication [still own it], Specialized Tarmac, Torelli steel frame) is the handling. It tracks extremely true, front end sticks to the ground, and it is ultra responsive. The bike is not as comfortable as my Indy Fab, but I cant stop myself from grabbing the Storck every time I go out for a ride.

  3. I literally just packed it back in the box after riding it in France and Italy. On France it rolled up and down the Corniché beautifully over all the little kickers. In Italy it got me to the top of the Ghisallo, The Stelvio and The Gavia beautifully. But like you say best of all was descending. 40mph descents and the bike railed every corner. No twitching like my SLC SL. Love this bike.

  4. I am on my second Fenomalist now. I had the glossy black model last year, but I managed to get a mat white, like the one in the pic last month. The best bike I’ve had suddenly became the prettiest bike also! The Fenomalist frameset is amazing. Super stiff and efficient, but as the other guys has said, the handling is just perfect. Never felt so confident going down mountains before. BUY!

    PS. the mat white gets dirty quite easy, but there’s also a new may black model out. That looks very evil!

  5. Tommy you will be happy to hear I have been riding that Matt black version for the last 2 months and love it.

  6. In 2010 I bought the matte white version. It took a while to get used to it but now I do not want anything else. easy 2 finger cornering at high speed descends, no torsion movements when sprinting at (my) full power, and a good position for the small me.
    cleaning takes time but the bikes looks good.
    I now bought a 2nd, Fenomalist, so much I like it. This time the (2012 ) matt back version , again with DA.

  7. Same – took me a while to get into it, but handles amazingly well.


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