Brooklyn Gets A Tweed Run

On heading out for a Sunday morning park ride I ran into these guys by Grand Army Plaza. It turned out to be the beginning of Brooklyn’s (and probably New York’s) very own Tweed Run. We posted a heads-up on the original London run a while back, that got an amazing turn out of over four hundred appropriately dressed riders. This run looks like it is just getting started, but the energy was there for this to grow. There seemed to be more of a focus on the outfits than the bikes, although I did spot this beautiful Hetchins above. Whilst the outfits in London seemed to definitely weigh towards the Dandy, some of the rider outfits here had a very cool American Worker look (apart from the guy in the cape and Bowler obviously). We wish them all the best with the run, they get top marks for making the effort.

Categories: Classic / Riders

  1. Robert will be very sad that he missed this! He always talks about the ones they have in London. Hopefully they’ll do it again next year and do a bit of promotion so we can plan to attend or even join in.

  2. Funny I thought of him when I saw everyone. It is right up his street.


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