From The Saddle: A Gold Plated Pinarello

On a ride this weekend I passed these guys out for their Sunday roll. Despite the amount of bikes you pass on the roads here in NYC, there are very few that really turn your head and make you stop and introduce yourself. This frame was literally blinding on our first sunny 80 plus degree weekend. The owner acquired the frame from a Colombian who brought it up to the US in the 1980s. Although the frame and paint were in pretty good condition when he got it, he had to order and restore the decals. The paint is actually made up of a gold plating, that is then covered in a high gloss lacquer that gives it this beautiful finish. The bike was also sporting a mint Campagnolo gruppo, an original 50th anniversary edition no less. This one made my ride. Below a shot from GW Bridge looking back into a hazy 86 degree Manhattan.

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  1. Thanks for posting the gold Pinarello…. I’m currently riding a Copper plated steel – travel bike (has SNS couplers).


    Marty Jemison
  2. absolutely love the blog but the photo editing is getting a bit extreme…. that gw shot looks more post-apocalypse than hazy sunday….

  3. @Marty: I saw the photo of your copper bike on Doug’s blog a while back & with all due respect to this golden Italian steed, I think yours might just be the sexiest bicycle I’ve ever seen.


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