From The Saddle: Lobach, PA

Berks county, PA has to be one of the nicest places to spend a weekends riding, yet seems to be relatively undiscovered. I spent two great days around the hills near Reading, and think I only saw two other riders. The ride out to Lobach rolled up and down for miles on pretty much car free roads. The last hill right up to the driveway where I was staying was a serious lung buster. If you ever get the chance to ride Hill Road from the lake at Angora road, a short hill that will give you a 20%+ gradient test, make sure you have a 27 on the back (the picture really doesn’t do it justice).

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  1. Shhhh you are letting out our secrets!

    Berks County is an awesome place to ride. There are quite a few nice leg & lung busters out there! The climb up Oysterdale Rd to Landis Store (near Lobachsville) leaves many people crying on the LiveStrong Challenge each year.


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