Testing, Testing

I just read a quote today from Rory Sutherland of the United Healthcare team who said, that out of the 132 days this year so far, he has spent 27 of them staying in a Holiday Inn. That is nearly a month in a hotel room (When I first moved to NYC I spent 6 weeks in the Holiday Inn in China Town, I feel his pain). Being on the road riding a bike for a living seems to be a blessing and a curse. The domestic race scene in the USA stretches the country from top to bottom, west to east, and in a country this big that is a lot of travel. That means a lot of driving, and not a lot of business class or private jets, a level of sponsorship reserved for the rich and famous. Photographer Michael Crook has been traveling with the Fly V team this season documenting that life on the road. As they are about to head off and join the Tour Of California this photo essay looks back to the start of the season when the riders were coming out of their winter training cycle and are getting tested and fitted for the season ahead. The numbers on those screens must have been pretty good as the team is having a spectacular season so far, and are looking set to make a strong challenge in California. Thanks to Michael for letting us publish this essay, and we hope she has a great time at the TOC following the team. Can’t say that I am not jealous.

View the photo essay here.

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